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As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, 5 Star Roofing is proud to install the best shingle roofing products available in the market with The Owens Corning "Duration" Series of Shingles.


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Owens Corning "Onyx Black" Duration Dimensional Shingles

For Shingle Roofs, We come out to the job-site and measure the whole roof in order to give the customer an Exact quote for labor & materials.

-- All Shingles on an Existing Roof are taken off and are properly disposed.

-- All Existing plywood sheets are inspected to see if they would need to be replaced.

-- We use Synthetic Shingle Felt instead of "The Old Black Tar Paper Felt."

Synthetic Felt is a much better product and is usually close to the same price as "The Old Black Tar Paper Felt."

-- We Use & Recommend Dimensional Shingles as often as possible.
Dimensional Shingles are often heavier and age better than the old "3 Tab Shingles" and are usually close to the same price. We favor and recommend the Owens Corning "Duration" Dimensional Series.

-- Ice Guard Barriers are used in all valleys and flatter locations - to ensure a quality job.

-- New Chimney Base Flashing & Ice Guard Barriers are used around all Chimneys

-- All attempts are made to leave a clean jobsite - We will take multiple magnet sweeps in attempt to pick up all possible loose & old nails. Pick up and haul away of all construction trash.

Owens Corning "Duration" Dimensional Shingles Color Chart

TruDefinition Duration Shingle Color Chart

The Details on Why Owens Corning "Duration" Shingles are the Best in the Business!

The "SureNail" Nailing Strip is the Key!

Roofing Company Winchester KY
  • Shingle Style -           "Duration" Laminate
  • Material Warranty  -        Limited Lifetime
  • Wind Protection  -                 130 mph


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Owens Corning - Estate Gray - Re-Roofing Project

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